Thoughts to Inspire

I have put down a few thoughts that I hope will inspire you as you read them. Often when I have previously done my thought for the month, I will quote someone who has inspired me for that month. But some of these  thoughts I have used for my calendars which are distributed amongst my friends and family each year, along with quotes from other people. I hope you enjoy each one and if you have any thoughts to inspire email me and let me have them by clicking here and I will include them:  Contact

To begin with oneself, but not to end with oneself To start from oneself, but not to aim at oneself To comprehend oneself, but not be be preoccupied with oneself.

Communication is a key aspect of all those seeking truth

The talking stick would be passed around to enable all who sat in the circle to speak. It gives everyone a voice. Communication restores trust and it can be healing when you share your thoughts with others. Speaking about any dark thoughts that hold you back from progressing is enlightening.

But also remember, there are those that cannot share their truth, their words being stifled and making them afraid. 

Communication is listening as well as talking.

The world will only progress when leaders can form a circle of shared knowledge with communication rather than war. 

More important than length of life is how we spend each day 


You can Do Anything

Stay positvie no matter what is going on in your life. You've got a brilliance inside you that outshines any star. Never forget who you are, what you stand for, or what you've been through before. You are a unique individual, so just believe in yourself with everything you've got and you will find greatness in every way, every day!

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